WE ARE INCLUDING FREE STOOLS THAT SELL ON AMAZON FOR 149.99, they match the Arcade perfectly. Adjustable height.

Limited supply. One of Kind. For those of you asking it does have astroids ūüėČ

please see the list. take your time . Its a lot of games. 

PLEASE NOTE. Games are from 80s 90s ,¬†remember these are not playstation high¬†definition ¬†games. they are classic old school games. astroids is astroids.. graphics are simple as you remember them. track and field is just like the one you played in 1980’s..:)¬†

some games will repeat as you will see in the list below. They are Japan version and USA version , some Europe. 

Welcome to my Auction. We are located in Las Vegas , NV. 

As you know many sellers on Ebay are from China. 

Why wait over 35 days on this item YOU will pay customs tax when coming overseas. 

We take the hassle out of buying. 12,000 feedbacks since 2002. No custom fees , fast shipping and we answer emails within 3 hours. RETAILS ON AMAZON FOR $1899.99 Р$2200.00

Commercial Quality gorgeous graphics!!  Cocktail Table Multicade 1162 GAMES IN ONE! .  please look at the list in the pictures! Only the best games from 80s and 90s 

When shopping around be sure to ask other sellers the weight. if it weights 60lbs , you are getting cheap particle board material. 

Ours weights 165+ lbs and is built to last. 
Also ask what size screen


Most sellers are selling the small  19 inch screen . It makes a difference .

Commercial Quality gorgeous space invader graphics!!  Cocktail Table Multicade 2475 in 1 

  please look at the list in the pictures! Only the best games from 80s and 90s 

This unit will come with upgrade option LED lights around the machine! remote controlled option to turn off or on. 


*We are offering a brand new, commercial grade, 1980’s Style Classic¬†

Cocktail table with 22″ INCH¬†high resolution screen.¬†

please note:

Some sellers are selling the 60 pound cheap particle board for 1299.00. It will not last.  

*             This is the head to head machine you have always wanted! All units are totally Brand new with all brand new parts. Would make an excellent gift for home or office! 


Great for home entertainment, also good for bars, cafes, and many other places! 

A must have for every game room!

A dream come true for every operator!

See pictures closely for additional descriptions. 

We take shipping very seriously, quality materials and all precautions taken.

we carry other cocktail tables in our Ebay store: 

here are the 5 models we have

60 in 1  

60 in 1 with wood finish 

412 in 1 black with top graphics 

412 in 1 wood with top graphics.

1162 in 1 4 player top of the line with top graphics.

2475 in 1 4 player  computer board games that are impossible to find . Please take the time to see the list in the images . (As seen in this AD)