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Here we answer the most frequently asked questions about Retro Video Arcade Games

Most Frequent Questions

What type or kind of arcade game should I buy?

A: Although we love to provide our customers with guidance in this area when asked, whichis quite often; we frequently are requested to suggest several game types and titles to inorder to fully furnish a new home or office game room. However, sometimes this questionis best answered by you.Unless you already have a good idea what you want, the best thing is to try and remember the most fun games you played back in 80's and 90's these will be the ones you will enjoy the most again and to share and relive your experiences with friends and Family.Other things to consider are how much money are you willing to spend on your game, all of our games come with 100's sometimes thousands of high quality games from the era so chances  are your favorites will be included, the good news is "One machine is all that is need to play".Also consider if  your game table will be used primarily by family and children or just adults?Will the game be situated in a business or retail establishment or just be used by yourself and friends?If the game is in a home, where will it be located? A centerpiece for your home or in your garage?

After I place my order, how long will it take before I receive my games ?

A: While most new game orders ship out from our warehouse within just a few days, some largesit-down arcade games, and large Stand Up units can take anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks on averageto be shipped out to you after placing your order with us. The machines ship directly from our factory to ensure you get the latest models and software revisionsGeneral shipping times can be found for most products we sell within our website, or contact us anytime! If any game you purchase from us is either on backorder or is currently out of stock,we will promptly notify you via email or phone of the situation.

Do you offer discounts on multiple game orders ?

A: Yes! We offer excellent discounts for customers buying  three or more games at a time, and we also offer generous discounts on various game packages and purchasesof more than three games at one time. Once you have decided on the games you would like to purchase, email our Sales Department with your purchase details.

Do most of the games you offer fit through a standard doorway ?

A: The majority of our games are designed to fit throughmost "standard-size" American doorways; however, a few large and sit-down typevideo games may not fit through a standard doorway. A good rule of thumb is to haveat least 1" clearance on each side of a passageway, but most games can be movedcarefully through doors with as little as 1/2" clearance, if on a flat and level surface.Some doors can be taken off their hinges to allow greater clearance, and more thana few of our customers have had door jambs taken off temporarily to allow a game tobe brought into their home or office. Be sure to double-check the width and heightof a game and the clearance of your doors, stairways and stairwells before buyingyour game.

Will I have to use coins to play my game ? Can I charge people to play it ?

A: No... and Yes! The majority of our coin-operated games ship with a "free-play" option,which allows you to play your game without the use of coins or tokens. If the game youselect is coin-operated and does not have this feature, we can arrange to install a "credit"or free-play button on the coin door for you at a slight additional fee. As far as chargingpeople to play, almost all of coin-operated games allow this, and you can set the pricinganyway you like (usually from $0.25-$1.50, sometime more) Some of our customers haveactually paid for their games by charging their friends and family to play!

What happens if a game is delivered damaged or not working ?

A:: If there is damage to the carton, you would contact us first before doing anything.In the unlikely event we cannot be reached, or if the damage is extensive, do not acceptthe game from the shipper and refuse the shipment. If the damage appears light or easily repairable, you may accept the order but be sure to detail all damage to the game onthe bill of lading before signing it. If your game appears fine, but does not work propertyafter first being powered up, in about 90% of the cases, just a simple adjustment of a partor wire that may have come loose during transit is all that is usually required. Our technicalsupport professionals will be more than happy to assist you with this via phone.

Do most of your games use a standard household electrical outlet ?

A: Yes ! All of the games we sell online use a standard 110V three-prong outlet thatyou just plug in and play like you would any other electrically powered item. (Or a 220Voutlet for many of our overseas clients). 

Do I have to do any sort of setup or assembly after my game is delivered ?

A: Most new games we sell are ready to play right out of the box, or require about 5 to10minutes worth of "setup" time at worst. Most game table will come with the top graphics installed the side and alternate graphics will be self installed once you receive your machine.