Collection: Cocktail Arcade Machine 3505 Games Tilt Up Black Lift Up Retro Multicade

The lift up tech is designed when sitting on the 3rd side and playing head to head games . no need to look down .

If you want to keep the screen down , it has custom latches to lock it in place . It accepts coins and option for free play.

Tempered thick glass and 3 year warranty on parts!

3 large LED trackballs

If you want to see it in action please message for video.  


44 Inches in Length 

30.25 inches in Width ( 3rd side can be removed to fit through any door)

31.2 inches in Height 

Over 5000 Units sold with 5 out of 5 stars 

100s of returning customers and 800$ off our competitors Price.


 YOU will be the talk of all of your friends

THIS UNIT WILL COME WITH 2 FREE STOOLS (Stools sell for 149.99 elsewhere)

We have other graphic options please send message .

We take the hassle out of buying. 12,000 feedbacks since 2002.
No custom fees , fast shipping and we answer emails within 3 hours. 

Commercial Quality gorgeous graphics!!  
Cocktail Table Multicade 3505 GAMES IN ONE! . 

See all Games in the games list menu. HERE 

When shopping around be sure to ask other sellers the weight. if it weights 60lbs , you are getting cheap particle board material. 

Ours weights 165+ lbs and is built to last. 
Also ask what size screen

Led light around the machine ( you can adjust to 4 colors ) or turn it off with remote control.

makes any room pop! 

super strong hinges.

Most sellers are selling the small  19 inch screen.

We run top of the line software 

Commercial Quality gorgeous  Cocktail Table Multicade 3505 IN 1  

Imagine having 3505  different Arcades in ONE unit!! 3505  Of the best classic games in one machine!! hours and hours of fun. 

 This unit has 3 trackballs

1 on each side( 2 end sides)

and one on the 3rd side (long side)

 This is the head to head machine you have always wanted! All units are totally Brand new with all brand new parts. Would make an excellent gift for home or office! 


Great for home entertainment, also good for bars, cafes, and many other places! 

A must have for every game room!

We take shipping very seriously, quality materials and all precautions taken.


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